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Eclipta Alba

bhringraj plant used to make mahabhringraj oil

bhringraj used for making bhringaraj oil

Also known as mahabhringraj, mahabhringraj oil, bhringaraj, bhringraja, kehraj or karisalankanni, it has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, Unani herbal medicine, and Chinese medicine.

Most people, who are aware of eclipta alba, use  mahabhringraj oil to combat hair loss, and they are having astounding success. Eclipta alba does have the amazing property of restoring a full head of hair to sufferers of female hair loss, and it will restore damaged hair to youthful glory. However, treating hair loss in women and men is only the beginning of what this amazing herb can do.

Bhringaraj has been used for a wide range of conditions, including detoxification (especially liver detoxification), purification, combating swelling, inflammation, skin conditions, many diseases of aging, and much more. In fact, so much more that we have created an entire section to discuss how ancient, natural remedies have brought relief to people before modern medicine. Click on Conditions to learn more about mahabhringraj oil which is commonly called bhringraj oil.




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Bhringaraj oil

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What is Bhringraj?

In Ayurveda, a traditional form of Indian medicine, Bhringraj is a powerful natural herb with many uses. The plant it comes from has the scientific name Eclipta Prostrata or Eclipta Alba and it is found throughout India, China, Thailand and as far away as Brazil. Bhringraj has featured amongt the ayurvedic herbs for hair for millennia. The Effect of Ayurvedic Herbs For Hair When it comes to dealing with premature greying, hair loss and a general lack of health to your hair, a herbal hair oil is an excellent solution. There are many claims about the effectiveness or otherwise of alternative medicines but few have stood up to actual rigorous scientific analysis. Bhringaraj has passed the tests modern science has thrown at it. In 1955 the first widely-reported scientific studies into the effects of bhringaraj as a herbal hair oil were conducted. Reports by Chopra et al. Showed Bhringraj (which is also widely known as False Daisy) improves both the colour of hair, restoring lost colour in those who are going grey, and also works to speed up hair growth. Similar tests conducted in 1975 by Kritikar and Basu reported the same. A study in 2009 into the effectiveness of ayurevedic herbs for hair loss treatment found that Bhringraj was more effective than other treatments on the market. The study demonstrated the bhringaraj treatment prduced close to 160% regrowth in areas affected by hair loss through means such as traction alopecia, compared to the most popular remedies. How to use Bhringaraj Oil for Hair Bhringaraj is taken in many forms for treating different ailments. In the case of hair...

Treating Skin Conditions With Eclipta Alba

Filiarisis is a disease caused by an infection of roundworms. It is usually passed on to humans from blood-feeding insects such as mosquitoes and black flies. It is possible to treat these insect bites using eclipta alba. The paste will reduce the inflammation caused by the bites, and also alleviate the pain caused by the infection. First, a thick paste must be created using sesame seed oil as a base. The leaf must be crushed up and mixed into the sesame seed oil, then the paste is applied liberally over the swollen area. It is also necessary to apply the paste to the glands that are swollen as a result of filariasis. Treating Urticaria with Eclipta Alba Urticaria, or “hives”, are allergy rashes composed of round, red welts on the skin. They itch like crazy and, because they are caused by allergies, the swelling that accompanies the itching can be severe; even life-threatening. Thankfully eclipta alba can treat urticaria very easily. As with the treatment of filariasis, we need to prepare a sesame seed oil paste using crushed eclipta leaves. This paste is a strong antinflammatory agent with analgesic properties. It will soothe the rash, reduce the swelling and remove the risks associated with dangerous over-swelling of the affected area. Remember to apply a liberal amount of the paste to the rash, otherwise there may not be enough active ingredients to treat the whole area. It is better to apply too much and have to wash it off, than to apply too little and have to prepare another paste later on. Using Eclipta Alba to Restore Skin Colour It...

The Eclipta Alba Cure for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a terrible blow to anyone’s self-confidence so it is no wonder that millions are spent each year on tonics, potions and other treatments of dubious quality and effectiveness, all in the hope that a cure will be found. Most cures on the market work only is specific circumstances, if at all, but there is one that is backed by hard science. Eclipta alba is a plant that grows in the tropical regions of the world and has been used in both traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for over 5000 years. Since the mid 1950s its remarkable healing powers have been tested by western science, and the results are fascinating. The eclipta plant is a remarkable restorative agent, and its plant extract can be used to treat many different ailments, from gall bladder problems to liver cirrhosis and even hair loss. Eclipta alba has long been used in Chinese medicine as a potent antivenom against snakebites, and also in Brazil for the same reason. How does Eclipta Alba Work? The leaf extract of the eclipta alba plant contains a number of chemicals known for their incredible healing powers. The leaves contain strong antihepatotoxin chemicals such as wedelolactone and desmethylwedelolactone, as well as several ecliptines, stigmasterol and ursolic acid. As a result, the leaves of the eclipta alba plant are incredibly strong restorative agents that can be used to treat hair loss in a quick and simple manner. The chemicals in the eclipta leaf extract help the hair follicles to remain in the growing phase for longer than they otherwise could. This means once the hair begins to...

The Medicinal Uses of Eclipta Alba

Eclipta Alba is not a very well-known herb, but it does have some wonderful medicinal properties. It grows in moist, tropical areas, and only ever reaches about 15cm high. It is sometimes called the false daisy, and is actually a weed. This small, unassuming plant is often overlooked, but if you know what to use it for, it can be one of the most healing natural home remedies you have ever used. First and foremost, Eclipta Alba is said to be one of the most efficient treatments for liver diseases like liver enlargement, as well as problems with the gall bladder, spleen and many other minor organs and areas within the body. Hepatitis can be somewhat treated with the use of Eclipta Alba also. It should be noted that it is not the ultimate cure for all of these internal diseases. It eases the symptoms and helps to make the area healthier and more able to combat the problem. Paste made from Eclipta Alba powder can be applied directly to the skin, particularly to areas that are swelling or inflamed. This will reduce both the swelling and any pain that comes with it. The same paste can be applied to wounds to let them heal faster and with less troublesome scar tissue. Athlete’s foot, eczema, dermatitis and other skin related issues can all be treated with it. In relation to hair care, Eclipta Alba nourishes the hair and strengthens it, making it look and feel healthier. It is often used for treating baldness, hair thinning and hair loss due to its natural hair rejuvenating properties. Taking just 3 grams...
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