What is Bhringraj?

What is Bhringraj?

In Ayurveda, a traditional form of Indian medicine, Bhringraj is a powerful natural herb with many uses. The plant it comes from has the scientific name Eclipta Prostrata or Eclipta Alba and it is found throughout India, China, Thailand and as far away as Brazil. Bhringraj has featured amongt the ayurvedic herbs for hair for millennia.

The Effect of Ayurvedic Herbs For Hair

When it comes to dealing with premature greying, hair loss and a general lack of health to your hair, a herbal hair oil is an excellent solution. There are many claims about the effectiveness or otherwise of alternative medicines but few have stood up to actual rigorous scientific analysis.

Bhringaraj has passed the tests modern science has thrown at it.

In 1955 the first widely-reported scientific studies into the effects of bhringaraj as a herbal hair oil were conducted. Reports by Chopra et al. Showed Bhringraj (which is also widely known as Bhringaraj oilFalse Daisy) improves both the colour of hair, restoring lost colour in those who are going grey, and also works to speed up hair growth. Similar tests conducted in 1975 by Kritikar and Basu reported the same.

A study in 2009 into the effectiveness of ayurevedic herbs for hair loss treatment found that Bhringraj was more effective than other treatments on the market. The study demonstrated the bhringaraj treatment prduced close to 160% regrowth in areas affected by hair loss through means such as traction alopecia, compared to the most popular remedies.

How to use Bhringaraj Oil for Hair

Bhringaraj is taken in many forms for treating different ailments. In the case of hair loss or greying, the plant extracts must be turned into an oil. This is then massaged into the hair and allowed to work its way into either the length of the hair strand, in the case of greying hair, or into the scalp, to treat hair loss.

The massaging process is not only to ensure an even distribution of the herbal hair oil. It also helps to stimulate blood flow in the scalp, which is important for maintaining a healthy flow of blood to the hair follicles. Scalp massaging is a good way to improve hair health on its own, but when combined with ayurevedic herbs for hair restoration the effect is boosted.

This boost reduces the waiting time for hair regrowth to begin, making bhringaraj one of the most effective treatments available today. Bhringaraj extends the length of time hair follicles remain in the anagenic (active growing) phase of the growth cycle, too. In the 2009 study into the herb’s effectiveness, far more follicles were found to be in the growing phase when treated with bhringaraj than with minoxidil, the popular alternative treatment.

How Long Should I Use Bhringaraj For?

Treatment times vary depending on the extent of the condition you are trying to treat, and your own personal circumstances. Someone with a strong immune system but extensive hair loss, for example, will find they take longer to heal than a person with a comparatively weaker immune response but less overall damage.

As a result, it is not possible to state for certain how long a person will have to use bhringaraj oil for hair before they achieve the best results possible. Natural healing times for hair loss range from months to years but this herbal remedy significantly reduces that.

You can therefore expect to see results within the first month or so, on average. Everything after that is determined by your own situation. It is advisable to keep up a routine of using the herbal hair oil on a regular basis for at least three months, after which you will be able to get an idea of the length of healing time you can expect.

For restoring lost colour to your hair, the waiting time is of course far shorter. Bhringaraj oil has been used to revitalize grey hair for millennia and it got a reputation as a powerful rejuvenation agent because it works quickly. Expect good results within days of regular use.

Ayurvedic herbs for hair loss treatment and the restoration of colour are not just a fad like many alternative therapies. They are time-honoured treatments with thousands of years of use behind them. The restorative properties of bhringaraj are backed by modern scientific research so when you try these herbal hair oils, you know you are going to get the results you deserve. Bald patches and greying hair will be a thing of the past.

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