The Medicinal Uses of Eclipta Alba

The Medicinal Uses of Eclipta Alba

Eclipta Alba is not a very well-known herb, but it does have some wonderful medicinal properties. It grows in moist, tropical areas, and only ever reaches about 15cm high. It is eclipta alba flowersometimes called the false daisy, and is actually a weed. This small, unassuming plant is often overlooked, but if you know what to use it for, it can be one of the most healing natural home remedies you have ever used.

First and foremost, Eclipta Alba is said to be one of the most efficient treatments for liver diseases like liver enlargement, as well as problems with the gall bladder, spleen and many other minor organs and areas within the body. Hepatitis can be somewhat treated with the use of Eclipta Alba also. It should be noted that it is not the ultimate cure for all of these internal diseases. It eases the symptoms and helps to make the area healthier and more able to combat the problem.

Paste made from Eclipta Alba powder can be applied directly to the skin, particularly to areas that are swelling or inflamed. This will reduce both the swelling and any pain that comes with it. The same paste can be applied to wounds to let them heal faster and with less troublesome scar tissue. Athlete’s foot, eczema, dermatitis and other skin related issues can all be treated with it.

In relation to hair care, Eclipta Alba nourishes the hair and strengthens it, making it look and feel healthier. It is often used for treating baldness, hair thinning and hair loss due to its natural hair rejuvenating properties. Taking just 3 grams of Eclipta Alba powder a day will have profound effects on the health of your hair, and a paste or oil made from it can be applied directly to the scalp for baldness.

It should also be noted that the leaves themselves are part of the treatment for scorpion stings in many places where the plant grows freely, and it is used as an anti-venom against snake bites in quite a few areas in the world.

Eclipta Alba, when made into a juice, is used to treat ear and eye inflammations, such as conjunctivitis or the regular ear infection. Then, there are all the miscellaneous aches and pains the Eclipta Alba is able to dull down and treat. Oil made with it is excellent for treating headaches naturally, and the leaves can be rubbed on the gums if you are experiencing a toothache. Rubbing a paste into any areas with particular pains can be quite beneficial and will usually soothe and relieve it.

Overall, the Eclipta Alba has an enormous variety of uses that make it one of the most useful weeds. The fact that it is totally natural means you don’t need to use any drugs that can possibly have harmful effects. It has been put into many medicinal products for a variety of purposes, because it is simply so useful. If you have any of these symptoms and would like relief, Eclipta Alba is a good choice.

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