Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

The leaves and roots of the eclipta alba plant, also known as false daisy, are pow­er­ful nat­ural Toji: Pure Density | Vegetarian Hair Vitamin Supplement | w/ Biotin, DHT Blocker, Horsetail, and Eclipta Alba (Herbal Minoxidil Alternative) | Supports Healthy Hair to Grow Faster, Thicker, and Strongerreme­dies for a vari­ety of ail­ments. Whether you are suf­fer­ing from hair loss, grey­ing hair or many of the other effects of increased age, there is a cure for your prob­lems in eclipta alba.

The eclipta plant has been used in tra­di­tional med­i­cine of India, China, Tai­wan and Brazil for cen­turies. In Ayurveda, India’s ancient and time-honoured sys­tem of nat­ural med­i­cine and the old­est med­ical prac­tice in the world, the eclipa plant is recog­nised as one of the most potent restora­tives in the world. Now west­ern sci­ence is pay­ing atten­tion to this amaz­ing plant.

Stud­ies con­ducted in the 1950s, the 1970s and as recently as 2009 have all shown that the roots, stem and leaves of eclipta alba, the “false daisy”, con­tain a mul­ti­tude of potent chem­i­cals that are anti­her­pa­to­tox­ins, anti-inflamatories and antivi­rals. The plant is used in liver detox­i­fi­ca­tion because of its abil­ity to heal cir­rho­sis of the liver.

Treat­ing the Dis­eases of Aging
One of the most com­mon side effects of get­ting older is hair loss and going grey. Eclipta alba pro­vides a rem­edy for both. The leaf extract of the false daisy is a strong nat­ural black dye that is often used in tat­too­ing because of its rich colour. That colour is due to chem­i­cals that have the power to restore lost colour to your hair.

In addi­tion, the leaf extract con­tains chem­i­cals that speed up the heal­ing process for dam­aged hair fol­li­cles. Hair fol­li­cle dam­age is the root cause of hair loss in women, and repair­ing the dam­age leads to hair grow­ing back. What’s more, the eclipta leaf extract will keep the hair fol­li­cles in the grow­ing phase for longer than would oth­er­wise be pos­si­ble, mean­ing your hair grows back in much quicker.

Eclipta leaf extract can’t sim­ply be applied straight to the head, it must me pre­pared as an oil first in order to ensure even cov­er­age across the dam­aged scalp. The extract is boiled and mixed with coconut or sesame seed oil to cre­ate a hair oil that leaves your hair smelling won­der­ful. The oil is then mas­saged into the scalp, where it gets to work right away.

How Does Eclipta Alba Work?
The eclipta alba plant is able to per­form liver detox­i­fi­ca­tion and rem­edy hair loss because the chem­i­cals it con­tains are known to per­form vital func­tions in the body. The plant con­tains wede­lo­lac­tone and demyth­ly­wede­lo­lac­tone, both of which are anti­hep­a­to­tox­ins. These chem­i­cals detox­ify the liver by react­ing with tox­ins and allow­ing their safe secre­tion from the body.

Eclipta alba is also use­ful as a mem­ory aid. When the leaf extract is drank, it helps to improve mem­ory and thus com­bats the one of the major dis­eases of aging: mem­ory prob­lems. The leaf extract is incred­i­bly bitter-tasting how­ever, so it is impor­tant to mix the extract with honey in order to make it palatable.

How Long Does it Take?
You can expect Bhringaraj hair oil to begin work­ing imme­di­ately but vis­i­ble results will take a lit­tle longer. This is not a mir­a­cle cure, nat­ural reme­dies do not work that way. The length of time before your hair is fully restored will depend on the extent of the hair loss. Repair­ing the dis­eases of aging is not an overnight process, after all.

While the hair oil will pro­vide vis­i­ble results for restor­ing colour to grey hair within one or two uses, regrow­ing lost hair can take a cou­ple of months. This is because the hair fol­li­cles must be repaired before the hair will begin to grow again. Eclipta alba encour­ages the body to repair the dam­age but does not directly repair hair fol­li­cles itself (noth­ing can). If you nat­u­rally heal quickly, the process will take less time than with peo­ple who heal slowly; although in either case the hair oil will speed up the process.

For exten­sive dam­age to the scalp, heal­ing will take longer than where hair loss has been min­i­mal. Either way, the hair oil treat­ment should be con­tin­ued daily until the hair is fully restored. This ensures that the eclipta has the time to work properly.

Eclipta alba, or false daisy, is a pow­er­ful restora­tive agent that west­ern med­ical sci­ence has acknowl­edged as a use­ful aid to med­i­cine for the last sixty years. It has been in use in tra­di­tional Indian med­i­cine for over 5000 years and also appears in Chi­nese and Brazil­ian herbal reme­dies. Its pow­er­ful anti-toxin and antivi­ral prop­er­ties make it one of the most use­ful and ver­sa­tile plants available.

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