Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

The leaves and roots of the eclipta alba plant, also known as false daisy, are powerful natural Toji: Pure Density | Vegetarian Hair Vitamin Supplement | w/ Biotin, DHT Blocker, Horsetail, and Eclipta Alba (Herbal Minoxidil Alternative) | Supports Healthy Hair to Grow Faster, Thicker, and Strongerremedies for a variety of ailments. Whether you are suffering from hair loss, greying hair or many of the other effects of increased age, there is a cure for your problems in eclipta alba.

The eclipta plant has been used in traditional medicine of India, China, Taiwan and Brazil for centuries. In Ayurveda, India’s ancient and time-honoured system of natural medicine and the oldest medical practice in the world, the eclipa plant is recognised as one of the most potent restoratives in the world. Now western science is paying attention to this amazing plant.

Studies conducted in the 1950s, the 1970s and as recently as 2009 have all shown that the roots, stem and leaves of eclipta alba, the “false daisy”, contain a multitude of potent chemicals that are antiherpatotoxins, anti-inflamatories and antivirals. The plant is used in liver detoxification because of its ability to heal cirrhosis of the liver.

Treating the Diseases of Aging
One of the most common side effects of getting older is hair loss and going grey. Eclipta alba provides a remedy for both. The leaf extract of the false daisy is a strong natural black dye that is often used in tattooing because of its rich colour. That colour is due to chemicals that have the power to restore lost colour to your hair.

In addition, the leaf extract contains chemicals that speed up the healing process for damaged hair follicles. Hair follicle damage is the root cause of hair loss in women, and repairing the damage leads to hair growing back. What’s more, the eclipta leaf extract will keep the hair follicles in the growing phase for longer than would otherwise be possible, meaning your hair grows back in much quicker.

Eclipta leaf extract can’t simply be applied straight to the head, it must me prepared as an oil first in order to ensure even coverage across the damaged scalp. The extract is boiled and mixed with coconut or sesame seed oil to create a hair oil that leaves your hair smelling wonderful. The oil is then massaged into the scalp, where it gets to work right away.

How Does Eclipta Alba Work?
The eclipta alba plant is able to perform liver detoxification and remedy hair loss because the chemicals it contains are known to perform vital functions in the body. The plant contains wedelolactone and demythlywedelolactone, both of which are antihepatotoxins. These chemicals detoxify the liver by reacting with toxins and allowing their safe secretion from the body.

Eclipta alba is also useful as a memory aid. When the leaf extract is drank, it helps to improve memory and thus combats the one of the major diseases of aging: memory problems. The leaf extract is incredibly bitter-tasting however, so it is important to mix the extract with honey in order to make it palatable.

How Long Does it Take?
You can expect Bhringaraj hair oil to begin working immediately but visible results will take a little longer. This is not a miracle cure, natural remedies do not work that way. The length of time before your hair is fully restored will depend on the extent of the hair loss. Repairing the diseases of aging is not an overnight process, after all.

While the hair oil will provide visible results for restoring colour to grey hair within one or two uses, regrowing lost hair can take a couple of months. This is because the hair follicles must be repaired before the hair will begin to grow again. Eclipta alba encourages the body to repair the damage but does not directly repair hair follicles itself (nothing can). If you naturally heal quickly, the process will take less time than with people who heal slowly; although in either case the hair oil will speed up the process.

For extensive damage to the scalp, healing will take longer than where hair loss has been minimal. Either way, the hair oil treatment should be continued daily until the hair is fully restored. This ensures that the eclipta has the time to work properly.

Eclipta alba, or false daisy, is a powerful restorative agent that western medical science has acknowledged as a useful aid to medicine for the last sixty years. It has been in use in traditional Indian medicine for over 5000 years and also appears in Chinese and Brazilian herbal remedies. Its powerful anti-toxin and antiviral properties make it one of the most useful and versatile plants available.

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