How to Reverse Female Hair Loss

Over the centuries, people have tried a wide range of remedies to counteract female hair loss, with varying degrees of success. In India, where the ancient tradition of Ayurvedic medicine Bhringaraj oilhas its roots, there is a proven technique to reverse hair loss in women and even restore damaged hair to its natural lustre.

The leaves of the eclipta alba plant are widely known for their amazing restorative powers. They can heal liver cirrhosis; counteract snake and insect bites through bloody detoxification; restore colour to greying hair; and even reverse hair loss. These remarkable achievements have been used in Ayurvedic medicine (where it is known as bhringraj oil) for over 5000 years and for the last fifty years, Western science has been studying the plant’s amazing properties.

Research published in 1955, 1977 and 2009 all concluded that eclipta alba leaf extract contains active chemicals that cause the body to begin renewing damaged hair cells. The leaf encourages the reparation of damage to the scalp, which restores the hair follicles to a working state. Hair begins to grow again and the chemicals in the leaf extract encourage the follicles to remain in the growing phase for longer than would naturally be possible. As a result, hair loss is reversed quickly and hair regrows at a faster pace.

Preparing Eclipta Alba Hair Oil or Bhringraj oil

Eclipta alba has many uses depending on how it is prepared. Detoxification of the blood occurs when the leaf extract is ingested, while using a topical paste relieves pain and inflammation of the skin. For female hair loss, the leaf extract must be made into an oil.

Many oil bases react with the active ingredients in eclipta alba so it is essential to use a base that will allow an even spread of the extract without preventing it from working. Sesame seed oil and coconut oil both serve this purpose, so which is used depends on your personal preference. Coconut oil gives a lovely coconut scent to the hair, for example.

To prepare the hair oil, boil the leaf extract and mix in the sesame seed or coconut oil. Mix the two liquids thoroughly, and then allow the oil to cool well before use. This is essential because hot oil will burn the scalp and cause further damage, possibly including more hair loss.

Restore Damaged Hair

Hair loss in women is rarely irreversible. Given sufficient time and a removal of all causes of hair loss, the body will eventually restore the damaged hair follicles to their natural, functioning state. Eclipta alba oil speeds up this process by months, even years.

To begin the healing process and restore damaged hair to health, simply massage the hair oil into the damaged parts of the scalp. The massaging process encourages blood flow through the scalp, which brings much-needed proteins and nutrients to the damaged cells. The eclipta alba oil is spread evenly across the scalp by the massage, which ensures absorption of the active ingredients.

Treatment Time

Oil should be massaged into the hair twice a day for the duration of the treatment. When hair begins to grow back, keep using the eclipta treatment because this will ensure the process works to its full potential. Bhringraj oil increases the length of time the hair follicles can remain in the growing phase, so continued use of the hair oil means hair will grow back to the desired length quicker than it could without treatment.

The length of time you will need to continue applying the treatment varies from person to person. People with naturally strong healing abilities will, of course, need less time for the treatment to work. For everyone else, the increased healing speed provided by the oil will be a boon.

Research from 2009 demonstrated that up to 160 percent more hair follicles are repaired in a given period when eclipta alba is used compared to natural healing. This means using eclipta alba is not only proven scientifically to restore hair, but it also restores it much faster than you otherwise could. It takes a couple of months, on average, for small patches of hair loss in women to be healed with eclipta; while more extensive cases will, of course, take longer.

Eclipta alba is a time-honored, safe solution to the problem of female hair loss. It heals damage to the scalp, it will restore damaged hair and it will even improve your hair color if you are going grey. This all-natural remedy has amazing properties that western science has proved with research time and time again. For grey hairs and bald patches, there is no better solution.

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