Eclipta alba – a future drug against high blood pressure?

Diuretic, Hypotensive, and Hypocholesterolemic Effects of Eclipta alba in Mild Hypertensive Subjects1.

Eclipta alba is a ancient medicinal plant, most widely used in the Indian subcontinent. It has been used for centuries for a wide spectrum of medical conditions, including infection,Eclipta alba  or Bhringaraj capsules
inflammation, fever, constipation and as a remedy for liver protection.

In a research study from 2007, researchers evaluated the potential of Eclipta alba to treat hypertension – high blood pressure, a common disease in the western world. Sixty males with high blood pressure and a sedentary life-style were enrolled into a clinical trial in  India.

They were separated into two groups; the first group received six capsules containing Eclipta extract a day (treatment group), the second group received the same number of capsules, but with a placebo, i.e. there was no Eclipta extract in them (placebo or control group). The clinical trial was randomized, the participants could not and did not know whether they had received Eclipta capsules or a placebo.

The volunteers in the study were followed for sixty days and their health regularly evaluated. There were no important differences in the first weeks between the two groups. However, all participants were examined on the 45th day of the study and patients in the treatment group had significantly lower blood pressure compared to their initial values at the time of enrollment. Not surprisingly, patients on placebo had no measurable drop in blood pressure. On a follow-up visit fifteen days later, the blood pressure in treated participants dropped even further and was within the normal, reference value range for healthy people.

In other words, Eclipta alba provided adequate treatment and this patients no longer had elevated blood pressure. The placebo had no effects on the blood pressure, patients in this group had no changes in their blood pressure throughout the study.

All participants had their blood drawn on the day of enrollment and at the end of the study to evaluate whether treatment with Eclipta produces any additional benefits on the human body. It was discovered that treatment with Eclipta enacted beneficial effects on blood cholesterol as well. Participants in the Eclipta group had substantially lowered cholesterol levels after sixty days of treatment.

There was a siginificant decrease in low-density lipoproteins (LDL), usually reffered as ”bad” cholesterol, and an increase in high-density lipoproteins (HDL), better known as ”good” cholesterol. LDL normally transports cholesterol from liver into tissues, other organs and blood vessels, which can lead to vessel disease and manifest as heart attack or stroke. On the other hand, HDL picks up cholesterol from tissues and hardening vessels and transports it into the liver for elimination. Lowering of LDL and rising of HDL is associated with a decreased risk for heart disease and stroke. Patients in the Eclipta group also had higher levels of the antioxidant vitamin C and vitamin E in their blood. There were no changes in blood cholesterol levels in patients on the placebo.

Clinical trial attested to the beneficial effects of Eclipta alba on the organism. The researchers concluded that Eclipta alba has a potential to emerge as an important remedy against high blood pressure. Additionally, the study showed that Eclipta alba enacts beneficial effects on blood cholesterol.

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  1. Rangineni V, Sharada D, Saxena S. Diuretic, Hypotensive, and Hypocholesterolemic Effects of Eclipta alba in Mild Hypertensive Subjects: A Pilot Study. J Med Food 10(1) 2007, 143-148

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